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Welcome and Thank You for Stopping By!

Please enjoy yourself, and stroll through the Gallery Take your time, and we hope you find that artwork that speaks directly to you!
Ginae Lee Scott offers attainable and accessible fine artwork with the many options of original artwork offered here on the Prints Page, take a peek. Need something larger? Please contact us! Ginae also has original artworks for sale on the Originals Page.


Need help? Please contact us and let us assist you in finding your ideal selection.
Stroll through the available artwork here.


Fine Art Artist, Ginae Lee Scott

Ginae - the abstract artist and author - began her career at a young age with pencil sketches and telling a story with each one. As she developed her art through various forms of expressions this had caused her to evolve into a modern abstract artist. The inspiration Ginae is gifted with, comes out in her colorful and happy artwork, as well as her books. 

Authored Books available online at Finer Bookstores.

Follow Ginae @artistginae on Instagram.

Facebook - Ginae Lee Scott & Personal Blog Page, The Journey With Yeshua.


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Sheep of Stonehenge

Fine Art Photographer Raelee 

Raelee, the artist and photographer, has a passion to capture places, and moments in time so that others can experience and enjoy! You can order her prints of photos here! She lives near the beach in Florida.

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