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Authored Books

These inspired authored books are available through finer bookstores. For a signed copy please reach out to me for purchase. Thank you!

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Five Star God

Whenever we hear about a Five Star restaurant or hotel, we know that it will be spectacular - the best that we've ever experienced. So, of course it makes sense that God is a Five Star God who provides each of us with a Five Star life. But how do we get there? Through personal experiences, prayer, scripture and reflection questions, author Ginae Lee Scott embarks on a journey of understanding what God has for you. Don't waste another minute - discover the Five Star God today!


Separate Yourself From the Accuser

"The accuser of our soul does not come to us in ways so we will recognize him... He does not come in a red suit and holding a pitchfork... No, he comes like the angel of light, beautiful even... once he hooks us in hurt, fear and shame... that is all he has to do."

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Looking Through the Water

In Looking Through the Water, it is the summer of 1973 in Tipton, Missouri.
Beautiful and realistic, Looking Through the Water is a vivid depiction of the challenges of love, hope, and forgiveness we experience. Ginae Lee Scott's poignant novel will touch your heart and inspire you to appreciate the good things in life.


Mulberry Lane

Christmas comes but once a year, - in Mulberry Lane it lives on. Melissa, continues her mother's tradition by making the yearly Christmas Ornament. With hopes her mother can see the ornament from heaven, - the act of hope bring forth miracles of the heart to all who live on Mulberry Lane. 
Mulberry Lane is sure to be a favorite Christmas Story for years to come.

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